4 Christmas Ornaments for the Elementary Classroom

This week, I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio and their holiday themed Favorite Things Linky. I'm excited to be writing again, and happy to share a few of my favorite things. This month, the theme is
Holiday Things.
My favorite holiday things are:
My daughter's classroom-made Christmas ornaments.
They've added special memories to our tree each year, and from those preschool years?

But this is helpful for me, too, though, as I find myself trying to make Christmas gift plans for my students' families. Scholastic books with a pencil? Nah. (Great gift, but nah.)

So without further ado, my top 3 Favorite Ornaments on our tree:

In 1st place, there's the
 Lil' Fingers Snowmen Ornament. 
I love this ornament because it captures my little girl's hand print and freezes it in time. She may grow, but I'll always have evidence that she was once little. This will be cherished for a long time.

A bunch of bulbs (the ones in the photo are transparent)
Confetti to fill the transparent bulb
White tempera paint for hand prints
Black Tempera paint for snowman features..and I think there's red in there, too
Attached Poem:
These aren't just five snowmen,
As anyone can see.
I made them with my hand,
Which is a part of me.
Now each year when you trim the tree,
You'll look back and recall
Winter of 2013
When my hands were just this small!

In 2nd place, there's the 
Good Ol' Popsicle Stick Picture Frame.
To clarify, I LOVE this one - complete with a Christmas drawing, capturing her beautiful art. No Christmas tree is complete without a popsicle stick frame.

And in 3rd place,
except this is my baby we're talking about so they're all in 1st place, the
Kiddie Painted Light Bulb.
It's an actual light bulb with a copper wire loop fashioned around the light bulb's base - and it was fastened in such a way that I've never had to fix it. 
Which is amazing.
I wish I could explain how it's fastened. There are loops on both ends of the wire, which is looped a few times around the bulb's base. The loops are secured around the wire, and it's shockingly tight enough. 
This is a great ornament craft because it's such a unique canvas for a child's painting. Full disclosure, though, I faintly remember our cousin creating this with our daughter at Thanksgiving a few years ago. The light bulbs would get costly with a whole classroom of kiddos.

And I want to add one more:
Totally Awesome Cookie Cutter School Picture Ornament...
...with options to hang on tree or stick on the 'fridge.

We (or rather I and a volunteer) made these ornaments for the kids last year. It's a Pinterest idea, but I can't find the link back to that pin.
Cookie Cutters
Scrapbook paper (I bought a bunch of glitter papers)
Ribbon (to decorate around the perimeter of the cookie cutter)
Magnetic tape
Glue gun (and burnt fingers)
The perseverance of a... teacher
High tolerance volunteer
And totally awesome school photos 

I know you love mine

I haven't decided, but I'd really like to NOT make these this year. The idea is cute, but unless you're a perfect craftsman (or woman), they're labor intensive. I guess the Pinterest idea was more for home crafts. 
Yay ambitious me!

This year, I'm leaning toward #1 on my Favorite Things list above, OR #2 because popsicle stick gifts are sweet. 

I hope you enjoyed my addition to My Favorite Things: Holiday Edition, and are walking away with some classroom holiday craft/gift ideas!

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